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Planning a Fishing Holiday

Fishing holidays are a wonderful trip option for those who enjoy fishing, and also are a wonderful mean of combining enjoyable time far from home with a much-loved leisure activity. When looking for fishing holiday places, men must search for well equipped fish ponds and rivers, comfy lodging and locations which have a large range of various other tourist attractions nearby. Unless you want to be fishing non-stop, you would like to use an opportunity to see some interesting sights around and have a walk.

At Ian-woods we specialise in fishing holidays for both amateur and professional fishermen. Our park facility consists of 3 deep fishing lakes mostly with carps. Those coming to us for a fishing vacation can also want to use our specimen lake, that is inhabited by large carps and some catfish.

We are located in the north of England which is the best area for fishing. It is quite easy to get here, you can search the route on the internet. There are also a lot to see around, especially for fans of photography.

People who decide to stay at out place for active holidays have the ability to select from a vast choice of accommodations that are located on the territory. There are places for loners who came here to fish in silence and for those who come with a group of close friends or family members. All building are made of wood to bring our guests closer to the nature. At the same time, apartments are very comfortable inside, they are light and clean and are filled with everything you may need on a short vacation – flushing toilets, a gas oven, grill and hob, a refrigerator, a color TV, an equipped shower room with shower and lots of shelves for your stuff. You can choose to cook yourself or arrange meals from us. During a cold season we offer closed apartments which are warm and dry and during summer you can use tents that are located in a camping area close to the pond.

If you are trying to find a fantastic location to take fishing holidays, then see us today! As soon as you have actually spent a vacation with us, you will never want to go somewhere else again.