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Single Handed Fly Rods
See our range of single handed fly fishing rods
Fly Rod and Reel Deals
Double Handed Salmon Fly Rods
A range of double handed salmon fly rods from some of the leading brands
Tenkara Fly Rods

See our range of specialist Tenkara fly rods

Pike and Saltwater Fly Rods
Our range of pike and saltwater fly rods
Boat Rods
See our range of sea fishing boat rods
No matter what type of ground you fish, we will have a beachcaster to suit
Spinning Rods
See our range of spinning rods for fresh and saltwater
Spinning Rod and Reel Deals
Coarse Rods
See our range of coarse fishing rods, including dead bait and float fishing rods
Carp Rods
A range of carp fishing rods to suit every budget
Baitfeeder Reels
See our range of specialist Bait Feeder Reels
Centre Pin Reels
See our range of beautifully engineered Centre Pin Reels
Fly Reels
See our extensive range of Fly Reels
Multiplier Reels
See our range of multiplier reels for use from shore or boat
Spinning Reels
See our range of Spinning Reels, for both fresh and saltwater use
Spare Spools
See our extensive range of spare spools for fly reels
Reel Maintenance
See our range of products for keeping your reel in perfect working order
A range of braid suitable for fresh and saltwater fishing
See our range of this ever popular line
See our range of monofilament from some of the top brands
Our range of sea fishing shock leaders
Wire and Wire Traces
See our range of wire and wire traces for coarse and sea fishing
Floating Fly Lines
See our range of floating fly lines
Intermediate Fly Lines
See our range of intermediate fly lines
Sinking Fly Lines
See our range of sinking fly lines
Sink Tip Fly Lines
See our range of sink tip fly lines
Salmon Fly Lines
See our range of salmon fly lines
Fly Line Fittings and Backing Line
Our range of fly line fittings and backing line
Fishing Waistcoats (Vests)
Our range of these ever popular fishing waistcoats, or vests as they are also called
Wading Jackets
Our range of waterproof wading jackets
Waterproof Jackets
Our range of waterpoof jackets
Fleece Jackets
Our range of superb fleece jackets
Our range of smocks
Waterproof Trousers
Our range of waterproof trousers
Our range of trousers
Our range of shirts
Our range of shirts
Our range of thermals for those colder days!
Floatation Suits and Lifejackets
Our range of floatation suits and lifejackets
Hats and Caps
Our extensive range of fishing, shooting and general outdoor wear hats and caps from leading names such as Barbour, Hardy, Greys, Scierra and ProLogic
Our range of gloves
Our range of socks
Our range of ties
Our range of sunglasses.  Essential for safety and spotting fish
Other Clothing
Our range of other clothing.  All those bits and pieces that didn't fit into the the other categories!
Clothing Care
Our range of essential clothing care items to keep your clothing waterproof and in top condition
Breathable Waders
Our range of breathable waders
Neoprene Waders
Our range of neoprene waders
PVC and Rubber Waders
Our range of PVC and rubber waders
Wading Boots
Our range of wading boots to accompany our stocking foot waders
Wellington/Field Boots
Our range of wellington/field boots
Our range of general purpose boots
Wading Accessories
Our range of wading accessories, including wading staffs, gravel guards and repair kits
Fishing Bags
Our range of fishing bags
Our range of chestpacks
Rucksacks and Backpacks
Our range of rucksacks and backpacks
Bass Bags
See our selction of bass bags
Rod Bags and Tubes
Our range of rod bags and tubes
Tackle Boxes
Our range of tackle boxes
Seat Boxes
Our range of seat boxes
Reel Cases
Our range of reel cases
Fly Tying Cases
Our range of fly tying cases
Landing Nets
Our range of landing nets
Replacement Nets
Our range of replacement nets
Landing Net Accessories
Our range of landing net accessories
Fly Selections
Our range of fly selections
Our range of fly tying vices
Fly Tying Tools
Our range of fly tying tools
Fly Tying Hooks and Tubes
Our range of fly tying hooks and tubes
Threads and Flosses
Our range of threads and flosses
Tinsels and Wires
Our range of tinsels and wires
Our range of feathers
Furs and Hair
Our range of furs and hair
Chenilles, Wools and Yarns
Our range of chenilles, wools and yarns
Synthetic Materials
Our range of synthetic fly tying materials
Beads and Eyes
Our range of beads and eyes
Varnish and Wax
Our range of varnish and wax
Fly Tying Kits
Our range of fly tying kits
ABU Toby Lures

See our range of the ever popular ABU Toby lure

Mepps Comet Spinners

See our range of Mepps Comet spinners

Rapala BX Floating Minnows

See our range of Rapala BX Floating Minnows

Forceps and Disgorgers
Our range forceps and disgorgers
Line Snips, Pliers and Scissors
Our range of snips, pliers and scissors
Zingers (Pin On Reels)
Our range of zingers (pin on reels)

Let us enlighten you on our range of range of headlamps

Our range of scales
Knives and Utility Tools
Our range of knves and utiility tools
Other General Accessories
Our range of other general angling accessories
Fly Boxes
Our range of fly boxes
Floatants and Sinkants
Our range of floatant and sinkants
Our range of priests
Bite Indicators
Our range of bite indicators
Drogues and Motors
Our range of drogues and motors
Game Fishing Baits
Our range of game fishing baits
Game Fishing Hooks
Our range of game fishing hooks
Vest Patches, Bottle Holders, Fly Dryers, etc
Our range of vest patches, bottle holders, fly dryers, etc
Other Game Fishing Accessories
Our range of other game range fishing accessories
Sea Fishing Shore Traces

Our range of sea fishing shore traces

Trace Wallets
Our range of trace wallets
Sea Hooks
Our range of sea fishing hooks
Our range of swivels
Trace Making Accessories
Our range of trace making accessories
Our range of tripods
Lead Making Accessories
Our range of lead making accessories
Other Sea Fishing Accessories
Our range of other sea fishing accessories
Bivvies and Domes
Our range of bivvies and domes
Chairs, Beds and Sleeping Bags
Our range of chairs, beds and sleeping bags
Our range of barrows
Bite Alarms
Our range of bite alarms
Our range of floats
Our range of weights
Coarse Fishing Hooks
Our range of coarse fishing hooks
Coarse Fishing Traces
See our range of traces for carp and predator fishing
Other Coarse Fishing Accessories
Our range of other coarse fishing accessories
Telescopic Sights and Mounts
Our range of telescopic sights and mounts
Gun Slips
Our range of shotgun and rifle slips
Gun Cleaning Accessories
Our range of gun cleaning accessories
Airgun Ammunition
Our range of airgun ammunition
Ferreting Equipment
Our range of ferreting equipment
Decoys and Calls
Our range of decoys and calls
Other Hunting and Shooting Accessories
Our range of other hunting and shooting accessories
Dog Whistles
Our range of dog whistles
Dog Leads
Our range of dog leads
Retrieving Dummies and Ball Launchers
Our range of retrieving dummies and ball launchers
Other Dog Training Accessories
Our range of other dog training accessories
Fishing DVD's
Our range of fishing DVD's
Hunting and Shooting DVD's
Our range of hunting and shooting DVD's
Other DVD's
Our range of other DVD's
Fishing Books
Our range of fishing books
Hunting and Shooting Books
Our range of hunting and shooting books
Other Books
Our range of other books
Hip Flasks
Our range of hip flasks
Our range of mugs
Framed Flies
Our range of framed flies
Greetings Cards
Our range of greetings cards
Other Gifts
Our range of other gifts
Special Offers
See our latest selection of special offers


Game Fishing Supplies Products

Game Fishing Supplies range of own brand, quality products

Fly Tying Clearance Items
Fly Reels and Spools Clearance Items
Fly Rods Clearance Items
Braid and Line Clearance Items
Fly Line Clearance Items
Flies Clearance

Bufferas mission is simple - to have the best headgear on the market at the most competitive prices. Best in terms of functionality, design, construction, durability and versatility. We hope you'll come to love Buff products as much as we do.

Check out our range of genuine Buffs®

Field and Casual Jackets

A great selection of jackets for shooting, hunting, fishing and casual wear

Sea Fishing Boat Traces

See our range of sea traces for boat fishing

Fresh and Frozen Baits

Our range of fresh and frozen baits.  Please note we cannot ship these but they can be collected from our store 7 days a week

Dynamite Baits Groundbait

Check out our range of groundbaits from Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits Boilies

See our range of boilies from Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits Liquid Attractants

See our range of Dynamite Baits liquid attractants here

Dynamite Baits Particle Baits

See our range of particle baits from Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits Pellet Baits

See our range of Dynamite Baits pellet baits here

Mepps Aglia Spinners

See our range of Mepps Aglia spinners

ABU Salmo Seeker Lures

See our range of the ABU Salmo Seeker lures

Game Fishing Supplies Flying C Spinners

See our range of our own Flying C Spinners made in the UK!

Rapala Original Floating Minnows

See our range of Rapala Original Floating Minnows

Rapala Countdown Minnows

See our range of Rapala Countdown Minnows

Storm Kettles

See our range of the fantastic UK made Storm Kettles

Leader Wallets, Rig Wallets and Cast Carriers

See our range of fly fishing leader wallets, sea fishing rig wallets and coarse fishing cast carriers

Smokers and Chippings

See our range of smokers and wood chippings

Beachcaster Clearance Items

See our range of beachcasters at clearance prices

Spinner and Lure Sets

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